STEM education provides students with science, technology, engineering and math skills that can be used with real-world applications.  STEM education creates critical thinkers, increases science literacy, and encourages the next generation of innovators.


Tower Gardens Come to Loreauville High

Caitlin Migues, Ali'x Migues and Kim Hubertus harvest several types of lettuce, bok choy, basil, Swiss chard and rainbow chard to allow teachers and students to sample plants from the hydroponic gardens. 


 Reaping the Benefits!  A Bountiful Harvest!

The first harvest taken from the hydroponic "Tower Gardens."  Teachers and students were provided the greens for salads.  Next, we will give samples of nutritional smoothies with healthy  ingredients.


Giving the Garden Greens a Taste Test

 Students are given the opportunity to sample some of the harvest from the gardens.  Students recognized the very distinct flavor of arugula.



 It's a Dead Ringer!  Determine the Age of the Tree


 Kylie, Caitlin and Kaley count the rings taken from the trunk of an oak to determine the age of this tree.  It is also possible to figure out which side of the tree faced north and which side faced south. 



 Managing the Tower Gardens for Growth


Kimberly Hubertus checks the ph and acidity levels of the water in the Tower Gardens to ensure the best results for our plants.  Students are getting a science lesson. 

 Mousetrap Cars!!  Research Pays Off!

Braxton Borres has one of the best designs for a Mousetrap car.  His car used the power generated from the mousetrap to roll 80 feet.

STEM Activities at Loreauville High School

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